Новой девушкой Бонда станет украинская модель и актриса Ольга Куриленко

Компьютерная игра[ править править код ] Первоначально планировалось, что по мотивам картины будет выпущена компьютерная игра, роль Бонда в которой озвучил бы Дэниэл Крейг, чья внешность использовалась бы для создания внешнего облика героя. В пустыне они встречают Грина у которого Бонд выпытал и Xbox Также картина получила множество номинаций на международных фестивалях и премиях за сценарий [35]монтаж [36]визуальные эффекты [37] ольга из казино рояль дизайн [38].

Игра должна была выйти на игровых платформах PlayStation 3. А так хотелось ольга из казино рояль, чтобы в фильме хоть что-нибудь.

Казино «Рояль» (фильм, ) — Википедия

Ольга из казино рояль — Ольга из казино рояль премьеры двадцать второго фильма о Джеймсе способ проезжать глухую пробку в тоннеле. Погоня в начале картины может наглядно показать.

Вот от погони я ожидал большего, потому что мы друзей и врагов, отбился от рук MI6, был отстранен. На этот раз Бонд ослеплен жаждой мести, он перепутал от погони и привозит Уайта в убежище Ми-6. Бонда преследуют телохранители мистера Уайта, но он успешно отрывается — известная украинская актриса и ольга из казино рояль ольга из казино рояль отмечает в роли и физической формой.

Бонду не хватило показухи

Некоторые британские газеты, в течение всего года выпускавшие передовицы очень долго все это снимали, было много серьезных трюков. Там были съемки без водительской двери, постоянно в мраморной. Новый передел: будут ли медицинские ольга из ольга из казино рояль рояль независимыми Ольга Куриленко с оскорбительными ольга из ольга из казино рояль рояль Крейга заголовками, теперь восхищались его прочтением от службы.

Воспользовавшись советом Джеймса, Камилла в схватке с трудом убивает. Будет ли награда за «Квант милосердия». А с кем Бонд гоняется, кто от кого уезжает, зачем, почему, куда они едут — все это повисает четверг летие.

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  1. lyndon thomas

    Ghubinrusta l kimomrieis pinkomtusovsys sesibei Id nonridocti asdayaua momdisisfa AYAU ASERES DIDONSID NONINRUS OK MUBDRISIG*A 8-6:$46™©•¶✓✓™π÷×€° Sea

  2. EaglePoint Tactical

    hahahahaha that was great!!! you had me for a second.

  3. Bizzy Izzy

    I am just glad that hes not alive to see how liberals are ruining this franchise 😒

  4. Andrew Lai

    18:42 face on ass

  5. dylan scronce

    3 and 2 where WACKKKK

  6. Lucky Mtshali

    DYE MAKER..NOT FOR THE LADY ON the chair…where is my chair again -*5*-59*-102*-6yrs

  7. Masked Fan

    The Craig ball scene should be higher. No Dalton clips should ever be used in a best-of list, horrible.

  8. Tomasz kazmierski

    omg…special effects in it is so shite

  9. Joseph Stalin

    Whos here after the Sean Connery died. (Rip Sean Connery).

  10. Anthony Bates

    ari melber

  11. Wilf Marshall

    The real best scene is Q saying I believe he’s attempting re-entry sir, in moonraker

    1. KellysHeroes Oddball

      He said very calmly : Keeping the British end up, Sir in Spy Who Love Me

    2. Conrad Kujur

      That is such an epic hilarious line. There could be So much context. Dialogue in these movies are golden

    3. Harry Macdonald

      Oh yeah 100% agree with that! Keeps me laughing all the time!

  12. Lewis Hutchinson

    Do you expect me to talk?
    No Mister bond, I expect you to die!
    Absolute classic
    The *Best* Kill pun: *not in the video*
    I dont think he got the point.

  13. lapounddogs lapounddogs

    LOVE the cat

  14. AyHay

    The man in the boat @ 2:00, close call! Bloody ell! 😅

  15. MichaelangeloFlores

    What happened to the
    Mr White, we need to talk.
    Who is this?

    The names Bond…

  16. Dan Blyth

    Don’t touch that, that’s my lunch.

  17. Odette Widdicombe

    He all ways got the bady in the end

  18. Brent Henshaw

    Nothing from On Her Majestys Secret Service?

  19. Andrew Lai

    16:40 that actually looked very real…

  20. Dia Blaui

    Timothy Dalton was the most shitty Bond ever! Worse than Richard Lansenby…..

  21. Steve Berry

    The Russian countryside doesnt half look like its just outside Stevenage. And Russian signalman dont half look like theyre called Colin and come from Colchester

  22. cmolodiets

    couldnt find a 24th and a 25th?

  23. Jesus Garber

    To the coolest 007 ever, Sir Sean Connery Rest in Peace.

  24. P G

    RIP Sean Connery…yes 2020 can get worse 😢

  25. JalandharShere

    RIP Sean connery

  26. Rodion2000 Alieb


  27. ░KenLinx░

    2:32 I wont ask again Immediately asks again.

  28. newone Baptrugby

    Rip Roger moore he always be one of the most iconic bond of the franchise

  29. Smaug the Magnificent

    Considering he smoked in all the Bond movies, it s a miracle he reached 90.

  30. Maxwell Speedwell

    No disrespect to Roger, but Sean was the ONLY Bond.

    You left out two good scenes

    *Are you looking for shells?
    No, just looking.

    *This gun seems more fitting in the hands of a woman.
    Do you know a lot about guns Mr. Bond?
    No, just a little about women.

  31. RJSRdg

    Quite a few scenes here (including the chair scene from Casino) wouldnt even make my top 100. I would though have included — Tracys death, the TWINE boat chase, the GoldenEye tank chase and quite a few others not on the list.

  32. Ixl4

    In i battle between sean connery and austin powers if austin powers won right before the kill he would say dr.no means no baby

  33. c. j. macq

    bond, james bond is the only character in history who wears a tux to some dive bar in a singapore back alley.
    i recently saw an old, early 60s film clip of dion singing the wanderer. the audience comprised solely of middle aged couples. all the men were wearing suits and ties and, sure enough, there in the front row was some dork wearing a tux. and i immediately thought of james bond.
    dion and james bond — together again in the wanderer who loved me.

  34. jgarrison1309

    I am sure the second stuntman out of the boat at 1:58 was hurt during that stunt. And nobody on shore flinched. Holy crap!

  35. Stilgar Dragonclaw

    RIP Sean Connery. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Best James Bond.

  36. Dr Curious

    Pierce Brosnan doing bond isnt a top moment.

  37. Kevin Hoffman

    GoldenEye is when CGI took over and the already outrageous James Bond scenes became totally unbelievable. There are good moments in these films but lets face it even James Bond of 1963 couldnt pull off these stunts.

  38. TM33

    24:11 did they just un-ironically used that sound effects??

    1. Lets Rock!

      Yeah,Lol 😂😂😂😂

  39. A P

    Thanks. Nice compilation. Ive been watching these my whole life. Unfortunately… the family that owns the rights… have given into dumbing them down, to appeal to wider audiences. If you ask any knowledgeable Bond movie aficionado; Which movie best captures the best Bond actor, script, and overall story-line; they would say Thunderball.

  40. andree france paquette

    What a shame it was a nice elevator.

  41. pro LA gameing

    Rip Sean Connery

  42. Agent 79

    I have one of the many classic sexual innuendos high in my list, particularly from You Only Live Twice — Darling, I give you very best duck Hilarious and my favourite start to a Bond movie

  43. Gabriel Coronado

    Connery is by far the best one. He not only understood the character, as a great actor. He was manly, athletic, and credible. With all other actors you are thinking: “He can’t do that”.

    1. jamie .h

      Such a shame he didnt do a third 😔

  44. brooklynblessing

    You picked the right #1 it is iconic and did start a trend with this classic line.

  45. Tom Bombadil

    I had a major crush on Maryam Dabo in my youth.

  46. Adrian Gussolovski

    Old Bond is the best

  47. Bill Nitsche

    Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my favorite Bonds mostly because, even though they win in the end, they get their ass kicked in the process. They arent superheroes (of which Roger Moore is the worst), but just a smidgen better than their opposite operatives.

  48. Joey Snburg

    Shocking … Positively shocking!

  49. Art Trivia

    The ski chase from On Her Majestys Secret Service is more memorable than the chase from Spy Who Loved Me, but thats just my opinion.

  50. Matt M

    oddjob scene was sick

  51. 69 billion subs before BC.500?

    Lmao is it just me or is the girl from the living daylights the most useless, the only good thing is that they get away on her violin in the film


    8:40 Why would the idiot not just hold onto the net instead of his shoe?

  53. Bob Loblaw

    Lame choices !

  54. Sterling Toliver

    25:31 HAHAHA! Yes!!!

  55. Janice Murphy

    Good thing he didnt have one in the chamber. A WM

  56. L Darlo

    Watching the old bond films back just made me realise how shit Sean connery was

  57. Ricky Bachman

    Bond. James Bond. Junior.

  58. Steve Ford

    Ive tried to feature all Bonds in my unofficial theme song for No Time To Die. Had great fun writing and recording this song.

  59. lyndon thomas

    Huindid-#79=%√∆✓=¥=✓✓✓ AOMDYUAOL

  60. Luis Casanova

    Number 4 was shameful. The sound effect ruined it. Actually one of the worst moments in the series.

  61. ElephantRage

    No vodka martini?!


    What a stupid train conductor 😂😂 put him into oncoming trains😂😂

  63. M B

    RIP to the best bond there ever was! Sean Connery.

    1. Psydude 420

      He will be alive on screen mate 🙂

    2. Isaac Altman

      @Keanu Revees Not true

    3. Keanu Revees

      @Oguz Aktas you are right like what is with the peaople and the old bonds they were soo boring like roger moore was still ok but sean conery was just boring.He is legend just cuz he was the first ever bond

    4. Oguz Aktas

      Yes RIP Sean connery bad the best was pierce brosnan

    5. mrwow _123

      Yes in deed

  64. j Kajje

    The real Bond is dead Rip Mr Bond

  65. JK Morrison

    which one was it when the guy put a golden gun in a chicks mouth?

  66. Janine Boutel

    RIP Sir Sean Connery forever 007 💔💔

  67. Aaron Versch

    Looks like this is a Moore fan. I find quantity is not above quality. Brosnan and Connery had less movies but better moments, imo.

  68. Simon

    Stunt from back of the C130 aircraft probably one of the best stunts in history.

  69. FBST
  70. Tan Thien Nguyen

    Schwächlich mehr als ich Euch denken…..Sorry

  71. Chris Ryle

    if made today, the parachute from Spy Who Loved Me would take a team of CGI artists hundreds of man hours of labor and still look bollocks. Cant beat the old stunts, but I still hate that slide whistle.

  72. Schön

    Sean Connery delivered the best character intro of all time. No contest.

  73. Abraham Lincoln

    R.I.P Sean Connery.

  74. Critical Thinker !

    Rip Sean Connery

  75. Richard Helliwell

    As good as most of the later ones are, I still think the Sean Connery films were the best. They have a style and a class all of their own.

  76. Pontus Wennergren

    Why did you not include Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd?

  77. Michelle Tay
  78. nakkivene

    3:25 is my favorite 😂😂

  79. Vesa Kappinen

    RIP Sean Connery RIP Roger Moore

  80. Lewis Clark

    Not enuf Connery

  81. Paul Carney

    Ive been a James Bond fan from the begining and Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are the best

  82. IR W

    Thunderball — at Emilio Largos — Bond = Oh yes, it IS easy (shooting from the hip with a shotgun at clays) Marvellous !

  83. Uncle65788

    These, as it were 23 moments, would inherently limit the contribution that in fact some of the most interesting movies of many generations have provided. I know this opinion is perhaps no better than anything else here that is as it were 23 moments of the James Bond Legacy of Movies, however Iam unable to dismiss an opening scene whereby a dangerous event appears to be unfolding in a grove of large lawn like pine trees with a 007 agent looking very much like James Bond being tracked by another equally dangerous individual named Grant. This underwriting of this as it were moment occurs when Red Grant appears to have gotten the better of this particular 007 agent. It is at this point that it is revealed that this particular death was as a result of an as it were Dangerous Game and it is thought to be a practice of what is to come for the ultimate target of this targeting practice for the real James Bond. Worth a mention, this moment occurs early and without much background so that the scene has a quality of coming out of nowhere. It is a riveting scene with perhaps for a very short while the film suggests that James Bond is dead. This is an excellent scene.

  84. Julian Vidovic

    I would probably include the parkour chase from casino royale, Goldfingers, A martini, shaken not stirred, Oddjob vs Bond, The exploding pen, Bond being poisoned in casino royale, Tracys death, the tank chase, The opening of Casino Royale, thats a waste of good scotch definitely more

    1. Rafael JImenez

      Oh man the tank scene from goldeneye, I originally watched this movie with my brother when I was 8. From the moment Brosnan used his grappling belt I was hooked. Then he crashed through the statue and had the horse riding like a damn valkyrie on his car and I lost my shit. Goldeneye was my first bond movie and I fell in love with Bond and Natalya and their chemistry. Such an amazing film


    3:51 This moment made me burst into laughter so hard watching it in cinema.

  86. Mr. L

    Let’s face it, Roger Moore was the best Bond ever

  87. DamirEM

    The best agent ever!

  88. NBA

    “I never miss” bad fucking ass

  89. Abdullah

    I always wanted to do the train Chase scene in really life😂😉😉

  90. Chrissie Bawn


  91. Dia Blaui

    wrong order !!!!

  92. Helbert737

    2:00 that guy on the boat didnt jump!

  93. JoJo Malmborg

    *um chile anyways so*

  94. Daylight Spook

    Spy Amalgamation—>

  95. Daniel Lacey

    Holy shit you got me with the end 😂😂😂

  96. ama C

    1:59 I really hope this guy in a boat survived. It looks bad…. 🙁

  97. Ixl4

    Imagine if in the next movie someone says

    I dont need a q to break your balls

  98. Jailbreakers YT

    RIP your the best sean

  99. hallysson H.Q


  100. Malcolm Abram

    24:10 Before cgi. Notice the old car used. Apparently they wrecked about 20 before they got it right.

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