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Первое казино в мире. История азартных игр насчитывает сотни тысяч лет. Во время археологических раскопок ученые обнаружили прототипы. Узнайте ответ на этот вопрос на Quiz Club! Казино — игорное заведение, в котором с использованием рулетки, игровых столов для карточных игр. Лас-Вегас известен большим количеством первое i казино, но какое именно и где было открыто первое игорное заведение?

FirstCasino — первое казино Украины

А также. Первое казино в современном понимании открылось в году в Париже. Распорядился открыть казино первый министр Франции кардинал Джулио.

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  1. Joshua Rios

    Is thaiit a 00 for u

  2. griffus111

    Between this opening scene, and the next amazing run opening scene, its the best bond movie of the century.

  3. Evo Ak

    My Fav bond movie so nostalgic to watch when times was simpler

  4. baricade47

    I really hope they dont kill this series… really hoping it doesnt get woke…

  5. MacDofGlasgow

    You Know My Name is such a brilliant theme song to start this movie.

  6. EwanHub

    its like the music is saying holy fuck oh holy fuck !!!!!!!

  7. HCR -10-03-00

    The best

  8. Gert Dillen

    The lift stops at the sixth floor, because this is where Bond needs to prove himself worthy, to ascend to (00)7.

    1. evil_duck

      No, 006 has a higher rank than 007, this was mentioned in Goldeneye. This scene might refer to Craig being the sixth bond instead.

    2. kirbyverse


    3. Aryan Kaushik

      Great detail

    4. Alex Lindh

      Interesting! 🙂

  9. yamabushins

    I remember my jaw literally dropped when I saw the end of this scene — the gun barrel part. I was like OMFG, did they really do what I just saw?? It was groundbreaking for Bond franchise back then and it still is. Perhaps the younger generations who didnt see all previous Bond movies cant really understand how revolutionary this scene was…

  10. Chris Peplinski

    I am surprised the opening was filmed in black and white instead of color

  11. Lionheart 222

    I love playing Cricket !

  12. anasim

    The whole movie would have been great in black and white. Yes, considerably.

  13. Fabio Sassi

    Epic movie!!!

  14. Юлия

    And thats how the best Bond movie starts

  15. Ghayoor Haider

    The best Bond opening ever. If only the rest were made like this.

  16. Jonathan Cooper

    A game-changing opening scene of a franchise rebuilt from the bottom upwards, driven by character and not narrative, with the right kind of subverting expectations to boot. It reflects the dark and dangerous world of international espionage in a post-9/11 world.

  17. pabalelo leselwa

    Robot chicken😂😂

  18. Takashi 125

    While I didnt care much for this Movie, the way they did the traditional gun barrel sequence was slick!

  19. Tanuki Man

    The sepia-influenced B&W as a color palette choice is really good — it makes the “it’s in the past” feeling work fantastically but it’s better than just mere black & white.

    1. Mario M

      The grainy film, too.

  20. KetwunsGamingPad

    Dr No calls his homage!

  21. Coconut Head

    When a guy makes eye contact with you at the urinal 1:09

  22. MrBochawa

    That flash of a Dryden family desk photo being knocked off the desk right after Bond pulls the trigger hits home the freshness of Bonds murderous brutality. Bond is willfully ignorant to the consequences of his actions. Hes not just killing a man, hes wiping out a family. Although this movie was well received, it is still underrated as a film.

  23. Bart Simpson simpson

    Sean Connery is the man, but this is pretty dope.

  24. HairlessCat 645

    This is a great movie and the attention to detail is amazing but any responsible gun user always checks if there’s a magazine or ammunition in the gun. But hey, they are spies.

    1. Jon Ericson

      @cjinxed Yeah, Ive only held a few antique guns, but I did get to hold a Glocks magazine, while it was loaded. Thats not light.

    2. Adam Heywood

      one assumes he was under stress from being directly threatened by a trained killer, trying to plan his next move after killing this agent, and elated that hed got the upper hand, and sloppy in his firearm handling

    3. cjinxed

      @Adam Heywood Even if he couldnt visually confirm the presence of the magazine, he should have immediately noticed the weight and balance difference in his firearm the instant he picked it up.

    4. Adam Heywood

      The dude was sloppy enough to get caught, it was dark in the office so presumably when he opened the drawer and saw the pistol, with the base of the grip facing away, he couldnt see there was no magazine.

  25. TonesTheGeek

    He was going to assure him that once youve stomach your first kill, the next one will be easier and clearly he was right.

  26. hokie7373

    James Bond casino royal the revenge of red grant

  27. lucasbachmann

    that happened to me once.

  28. Kobobble

    I watched this in theaters when it came out. The audience reaction when he shot Drydens contact going into the good ol gun barrel sequence was met with awe and applause. I love the movie theater experience

    1. El Hopper

      I miss the movie theater experience

    2. Kobobble

      @folioio I believe so, yes

    3. folioio

      Is this the only gun barrel where we see who Bond shoots? Im thinking it is?

  29. William Mason

    Yes, and you had your six. — James Bond 007 — Dr. NO


    There he goes, an aged, most authentic Bond who fell in love and also into tears for the first time. He lost complacency and gained profundity. Craig truly turned everything to the next level. It will never be the same after No Time To Die. Thanks to Broccoli & Eon. Hope you will find a worthy successor, skilfully continuing Craigs job.

  31. ArseneWenger

    Started strong and ended with a whimper. The vesper thing and the convoluted plot. I did like it in theaters but all of Craigs stuff after this has been almost as bad as brosnans. They need to return to the Connery template.

    1. Mario M

      Yeah, the whole film is about 20 minutes too long. It has a muddled third act.

    2. dogpd3

      I agree.

  32. Andy Colliver

    It took me until 2021 to realize the elevator stops on Floor 6 and Craig is the sixth Bond.

  33. chippledon1

    James Bond is simply too cool for my britches!!!

  34. The One

    Craig is great as Bond and my personal favorite. This scene proves it.

  35. hr. Doctor Løve

    everything in this whole scene is so complate. The Black and white style is so genius, and wouldnt been the same without, and its really just on point. The best bond opening scene to date. 10/10!

  36. Anton Boludo

    Yes, these Bond films are very brutal, like the Bourne ones are.

  37. David Siebel

    The best James Bond movie opening scene

  38. Mr Wilfred Myers
  39. shahan zaidi

    Best Bond Movie so far, Fingers crossed for 25th..

  40. Heath Spencer

    Well, you neednt worry. The second is 💥🔫

    Yes, considerably…

    Bond is ice cold in this scene. Love it.

    1. John Poop

      So you think yourself to be

  41. Termo Pippo

    Epic scene!!💣💣💣💘

  42. Fragola Ciucciata


  43. Mahesh C Achuthanna

    This Bond was more akin to the novels, but was also inspired by Sean Connery and real life. Take the case of the way Bond is dressed. In all black, no doubt trousers, a t-shirt and a jacket. Its the typical way to blend in and use the environment to remain unseen until he chooses not to be. His formal dresses are no doubt worn for the dress code(i.e. parties and when at the MI6 office), else Bond is typically happy with everyday garments, as shown by his variety of clothes during the series. I dont know about others, but I rarely wear formal clothing except for work related stuff, and only when the occasion arises. Even then, I feel like taking it off the sooner I get home. Then coming to his demeanour and posture. Sitting with legs and arms crossed, with one hand holding his suppressed pistol. He knows hes in control as he cleared the room beforehand. And his attitude and demeanour combined with his calm and witty yet cold way of talking shows his ruthlessness, as demonstrated by the prior kill, where he spared no expense and mercy in killing his target. Then theres the frame of the chiefs family picture, which further emphasises the cold and calculating assassin Bond is. Say what you want, but I think the previous Bond movies were too much gadget-y and more sex-y. Which emphasises the uniqueness of the way Bond is portrayed by Connery and Craig.

  44. John Bertrand

    I wonder if Bond replaced Drydens magazine with one full of blanks since anyone whos handled an automatic can tell instantly if there is no magazine in it.

  45. Omar Diaz

    The color looks like Perry mason apart from bond

  46. El Choya

    i miss SEAN CONNERY,if this was made in the late 1960s craig would look like a villain than a hero.

  47. Vylkeer

    One of my favs if not my favorite opening to a Bond film. The atmosphere, Czech Republic, the B/W image, the dialog. For sure that is my favorite cut to the opening credits intro of any Bond film at 2:55. The way he picks up the gun from the ground, turns and quickly shoots and then the amazing “You Know My Name” by the late great Chris Cornell kicks in.

  48. Amarjeet Singh

    Daniel Craig is made for James bond movies.

  49. Blog Of Books and Movies

    coolest opening scene in cinema history

  50. magmablock

    I wish more Bond films would set up the gun barrel sequence with some kind of scenario like this.

  51. Judgement A Come

    Timothy Dalton is Bond! He brought the tough Bond in 1987 in Living Daylights!

  52. Valerei Renfro

    Yes Considerably.

  53. Emerson Miller

    I enjoyed Pierce Brosnan.. But this scene they wiped the slate clean and they really brought Bond back to what the character was all about.

  54. hellfish2309

    Consider how ridiculous Spectre was compared to this edge

    1. Utkarsh jha

      @Random human Quantum of solace is much better than any of Brosnan outing.

    2. Random human

      @Julius Stricto die another day was a mixture of all previous bond movies. Made for the anniversary.
      But quantum of solace was worse than DAD

    3. Santiago Vásquez Gómez

      @Julius Stricto Die Another Day was plain sci-fi at that point. Bond lost his finesse. It wasnt Brosnans fault, because his three previous movies were absolutely outstanding: it was the writers and the stupid need to turn everything into CGI.

    4. Julius Stricto

      You think Spectre is ridiculous? Just look at the movie that came directly before this one

  55. R. Parameswaran

    Happy birthday Daniel Craig

  56. Sarah Levan

    Best damn Bond ever.. He is so sexy it is hard to watch

  57. Steffen Blechschmidt

    This is the official James Bond Youtube channel — but you cropped the picture?? What is this nonsense?

  58. Sennmut

    Glad to see there is still a market for B&W movie film!

    1. Nathan Longacre

      Its only this opening scene that was black and white. It was partly for artistic reasons but also for censorship reasons, since if this scene had been in color it would have been too gory for a PG-13 movie.

  59. Stefan Geisler

    After the whole gimmick era with Dalton and Brosnan this made Bond watchable again


    Considerably What a badass quip of a retort 👌👌👌👌👌

    Right up there with I never miss

    This is the best Bond film till date. Dont care what anyone else says. Daniel Craig is the best representation of Bond. He beats Pierce Brosnan by a mile and then some.

  61. Vaxan

    i loved pierce brosnan, then came daniel craig, whos pierce brosnan again?

  62. JellySlopefall 57

    If it was Liam Neeson at 1:34- ‘that’s what happens when you sit behind a desk. You forget things! Like the weight in the hand of a gun that’s loaded and one that’s not’

  63. Key Path

    I wish theres an edit out there of the whole movie in bnw…

  64. The Grimwiz

    Bond vs Rat 😂 check it out

  65. Christopher Thorkon

    Stunning. I was stunned when I first saw this in the theater.

  66. Gladstone

    If you take a life, do you know what you give?

  67. Alan Hutchins

    Craigs best Bond to date…..

  68. Jose Bruxio

    007 ✔ a censura do you tube esta enchendo o saco 🚫

  69. Murri O Gee

    Bullet from gun with no recoil for Bond flings man off chair. Uh huh. Why cant they get these tiny things right?

  70. E M

    “Not well.”

  71. Daniel Williamson

    One of the best James Bond movies ever made!

  72. Joel Sylestine

    The guys contact will be ‘No Time to Die’s villains brother or father.

  73. Shawn Upton

    I came here to see what inspired the opening to the Robot Chicken Christmas Special.
    And I as not disappointed.

  74. Donato Mangime



    0:42 what that is next to his gun is a Walkman and the model is hd5

    1. PINK USER

      @Bilal Khalid its a Walkman hd5!

    2. PINK USER

      @Bilal Khalid I think its a Walkman!

    3. Bilal Khalid

      Mp3 player I think 😏

  76. Tantino Karussel

    Is there a song by …. life is fun…. truth story sad story

  77. Coen Pietersen

    Its what the franchise needed, after the nonsense with invisible cars.

    1. Michael Wallbrown

      no shit

    2. Aryan Kaushik

      @Louis Kelemen nope

    3. Loon Loon

      That was gay not gonna lie ageeed bro

    4. mike bronicki

      No we wouldnt want anything unrealistic in a Bond film. Lol. Like being able to hold a mans head in a sink with one hand because, hey the water isnt going to turn itself on.

    5. Rafael Guadix

      Dont watch Moonraker, Thunderball, or any Bond film with Gadgets…

      PD; In Spectre, Craig has an Explosive Watch…

  78. Abdulrahman Al-shammari

    Girls in the bathroom: *Gossip*
    Boys in the bathroom: 1:09

  79. InCider Trading

    The only sad thing about Casino Royale is that it sets the bar so high the subsequent films felt lacklustre. Its a shame because it sounds like youre saying the rest are shit when theyre not. Just to balance out my bias for CR, Skyfalls villain was more interesting than Le Chiffre, and Spectre knocks all the previous installments out of the park when it comes to cinematography. My reason for liking Casino Royale so much more is that it feels fresh and its way more fun without having to rely on its villain or its cinematography. I know lots of other people like the others but I hope my comment showed good reasoning for my case that Casino Royale is the better of the new bond films.

  80. Sanel Okič

    What can I say, that was fking epic!!

  81. lkgrave

    With No Time to Die coming out in 2021, Daniel Craig will be the longest lasting Bond (15 years) by surpassing Roger Moores 12. Yes, I know Im excluding Never Say Never Again only because it was a remake of Thunderball.

  82. George Williams

    This opening feels more like a Bourne film introducing a gritty, tough bond with the quick one liners and out smarting people with their offices. Brilliant opening

  83. The Cowboy

    Daniel Craig creates his own Bond version. I put him with Connery as the top 2.

  84. Tom

    My favourite Bond

  85. Max Frankow

    I remember sitting back, sort of confused but still interested. Obviously I wondered where the gun barrel was. Then… you know. I just smiled and nodded, knowing this was going to be a very different yet fantastic entry.

  86. cs512tr

    loved the sin city NIOR feel this had

  87. Putins Cat

    @2:40 Dont worry, the second will… bang! I love that!

  88. MORE1500

    My second favorite after Goldfinger. Connery will always be my No.1, but Craig comes close.

  89. Jedi Phoenix

    Ian Fleming would be proud….You Know My Name, indeed.

  90. Andrew Corbett

    Bond was back. And the critics silenced

  91. alvinfry

    Would have been funnier if Bond noticed a note from Seabass to meet him in the bathroom stall at 3pm and he looked at his Omega Seamaster showing 2:59 making him scream and run out.

  92. Nathon Alexavier

    Only just noticed the shot at 2:45 of his family. Illustrating bond knew he had a family and still didn’t hesitate to put a bullet in his head lol

  93. Melvin Samson

    And this… this scene ending with the classic gunbarrel seamlessly flowing into the riff of Cornells You Know my Name, marked the beginning of my favourite Bond!
    Daniel Craig 😍😍😍

  94. Donde Merlin

    OK, so…he kills bad people in nice ways….whaz da problum?

  95. John Doe

    this opening is better than all of quantam of solace

  96. Robert Forster

    Hell yeah!

  97. James Monroe

    Um hes too young 😳 look at Moore, Brosnan and Dalton. Now they have the maturity to make the tough decisions. Connery and lazenby are too young although both took on the classic James bond stance and rigor. Does anybody remember what Craig did in Perdition? He makes del Toro look like Mr. Rogers! Anybody?

  98. Jack Hime

    This was the first time I saw Bond before getting into the series and my favorite action, dialogue, introducing scene of a new actor as 007 and it will be hard to say goodbye to the bond I have grown up with.

  99. Helium Road

    I wish theyd do a whole Bond film in black & white film stock, and all realistic spy ops stuff. Maybe even go retro and set the story in the 60s during the Cold War.

  100. griffus111

    Best bond opening ever. And after this, we have the parkour chase. Amazing!

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