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  1. hung Dinh

    Who wins or they tie

  2. François Gauthier

    It wouldve been so sick if she had gotten the straight flush on the river

    No kidding sherlock!!!

  3. ohyoudontknow 1

    What the Flush is going on?

  4. Sipp Daily

    Imagine the 5 of clubs.. Ho Lee!!!


    Another player folded 5 of clubs, she wasnt going to win.

  6. laila ready

    I’ve never seen 3 people flop a flush in the 20 years I’ve been playing wow

  7. Finding Keno

    I dont think i have ever seen that before where 3 people flop a flush. Now I think i have seen it all now lol. 🙂

    1. John Troup

      Sorry the clubs were A 5 7 clubs .

    2. John Troup

      Hello happen to me last week i was worried about the 5 7 clubs came on flop i had k 2 clubs the other not sure the both raise 1500 next re raises 6000 i was worried about 5 7 clubs i re raise to 25k two pair called both flushes fold he had 3 6 clubs i end up making 60k of pot we start with 35k it was early in game i would of been happy with the pot rather than lose that early.cheers a poker fan .

    3. rascally rabbit

      If you play it online
      you see that every damn time

  8. Thumper68

    Has anyone run the numbers on this. From what Ive read, its roughly 500:1 for two players to flop a flush in a 9-handed game. But three? Calling all math wizards!

    A bit less than 20 years ago in a $1/$5 stud game at Harrahs, I saw four flushes on the river beaten by a full house. But no one cares about my old-man stories. 🙂

    1. RichardRennes

      Ive seen twice in my life(live, not on-line), once where 5 people flopped a flush and once where 5 people had a flush on the turn, and both times another in the hand had trips. And the board never paired either time.

    2. Tony Martin

      So Ive dealt a hand in a cash game where 3 players flopped a flush and the fourth guy flopped a set… Ive always wondered the odds ever since, that was like 8 years ago so thank you for the numbers on this madness

    3. Thumper68

      @SSky06 Thank you. I figured someone would know. 🙂

    4. SSky06

      Once the cards are dealt and you have 3 players all with 2 clubs (assuming there are no other clubs dead) the odds are 0.0023, or 1:43,478.

      If you start before the first card is dealt and want to know what the odds are that 3 people (again, no dead cards of the same suit) are all dealt 2 of the same suit and 3 come on the flop, that is around 0.00008, or something like 1:1.28 million. Lol.

  9. Rhys Chen

    Ive been in this position b4 had the king and at the very end the guy slow rolled us the the Ace

  10. MMA Sports Master

    Really?!…. You have that?

  11. Alexander The Great


    1. woncho1

      The Earthtones each wow for each flush!? Ha ha

  12. Not Jo

    And after this hand the dealer was immediately hired by poker stars

    1. Fokkusu H

      I was in a casino where every table flopped a flush

    2. Mingi

      Kou Thao very funny

    3. Kou Thao

      @muhammad Altaf I saw a game where the entire table flopped a royal flush

    4. Philly1495

      This just killed me😂😂

    5. muhammad Altaf

      @kerin Cochrane i saw a game where whole table flopped a flush

  13. Adonus Harrell

    Unbelievable. This shit is common!

  14. K. O.


  15. johnny appleseed

    Not that rare after all

  16. Juan Manuel Marquez

    This happened to me as well but I hit the straight flush which destroyed my other 2 opponents

  17. My OpenMind

    5 of clubs on the river would have been perfection.

  18. Simon Trieu

    Had the same thing happen on a home game but I won the hand with a 7 high straight flush over a 6 high straight flush and an Ace high flush. All three of us went all. What a Hollywood hand.

  19. Mark Albright

    Give me the math what are the odds of 3 players flopping clubs. Equation please ty

    1. EdgarAllan Poe

      Math is idiotic—Barry Greenstein

    2. Christopher Peterson

      @Bin Jin I didnt include the odds of three players having the same suit to begin with, I believe thats the difference…

    3. Bin Jin

      @Christopher Peterson way lower, its more like 1 out of 10k for 3 players to fop a flush.

    4. Christopher Peterson

      If we only know the three players hands, theres 6 of the suit out and 7 remaining in 46 cards. So 7/46 * 6/45 * 5/44. That calculates to .23%

  20. catalanluke

    Run it twice….sorry what…????
    Run it 2.5 Mil times… still aint winning! What was the point?

  21. Leo Fujima

    Wheres the brilliant blocker theories?
    Exactly. It happens all the time.

  22. George George†

    Наталья умница!!!😉😍

  23. Justin Peterson

    Whats the math on this?

    1. Tony Martin

      Short answer…1 in 1.2M that 3 people get dealt the same suit and the flop being 3 of the same suit…I got this info from another comment asking about the numbers

  24. JT

    Deck needs a shuffle

  25. John Juanda

    I had trips

  26. Punk Slapper

    4♣️3♣️ Fold no problem.
    K♣️10♣️ No way to lay that down.

  27. okinawapunter

    prob about 0.00002%

  28. jhon gomez

    Increíble la chica como se quita 😦

  29. Nathan Bertram

    Just imagine that 5 of clubs tho on the river if she stayed in 🤙🏼

  30. Clement Chichportich

    how she could fold…well done

  31. 5redskins5

    Ken should have not sat down so his card would have been folded he was trying to sit down fast so his cards wouldn’t be dead.ken should have taking that call slow his walk or wash his hand lol happens to all of us when we’re in a rush to get back to the table:)

  32. Randy Vinson

    on the wsop app. this type of hand happens every 30 min.

  33. Sebastien Wolf

    Brutalo Cooler

  34. Eldridge leoncito

    Ken always smile tho.

    1. Jon60531

      i feel as if its his coping mechanism haha

  35. Caleb Baer

    Natalia should have folded pre-flop, flop, and turn (before the jam)

    1. aun lee

      Call 🚉 station 😼

    2. sh0cktim3

      What kind of nit folds a flopped flush with a str8 flush redraw on the flop?

    3. Aasmund Holvik

      Agree with pre-flop analasis, the rest: lol

  36. Champagne CAPO



    And the 5 of clubs came…

  38. Aldi apriliadi

    Bandarnya cem orang indonesia

  39. donald paluga

    I had trips-John Juanda

  40. DoAsInfiniity

    Dont believe this shit at all

  41. Eduart Gashi


  42. Money Maker Bandit Sports

    Poker Stars the Str8. Flush Hits!

  43. raphael mogannam

    I guess the dramatic intro is needed with every damn video

  44. Михаил Токмаков

    still cant match the pokerstars usual 1 player flopping a straight flush 8-Q while the other flopping a royal

  45. AIG S


  46. AVone

    And that’s poker. Ugh!!!!!!

  47. CanadianLoveKnot

    Deck wasnt shuffled or what?

  48. Sly DaxPoker

    *I like how The Bike knew to disable the chat on WILL KASSOUF slow roll video* 😂🔥🙋🏽‍♂️

  49. Tony Martin

    Ive dealt a hand like this in a $50-200 cash game about 8 years ago….3 flopped flushes and the fourth guy flopped a set…SICK!!

    1. Tony Martin

      @RichardRennes indeed… Astronomical odds

    2. RichardRennes

      Ive seen twice in my life(live, not on-line), once where 5 people flopped a flush and once where 5 people had a flush on the turn, and both times another in the hand had trips. And the board never paired either time. Both were around 15-20 years ago. Now THAT is sick.

  50. Seaeff

    The last live session I played before the Covid-19 I had A5 of hearts in a 1/3 game playing about 600$ effective. I don’t remember the preflop action but I flopped but flush against a K high flush and a Q high flush. Both player were all in on the flop before my action. No often you have two players all in drawing dead against you in a 630 BB flop before your action. The next day I flopped a set of Kings on KT8 flop against 88 and TT. Obviously all the money went in between all 3 I have 1 guy covered by a dollar and another by 7 dollars. 750bb pot. I doubt I’ll ever run that hot in a 2 day period ever again.

  51. Fish Poker

    Shoving w the nuts lol

  52. Rami K.

    Ju wasting no time to throw away added equity with the nuts IN POSITION.. couldve easily gotten an extra 3k just calling turn there

    1. sh0cktim3

      @Rami K. Not understanding you about the nuts. Of course no one is gonna fold the nuts on the turn or ever. What I think you missing is a club on the river or board pairing card is a action killing/scary card for all three players. When you flop nut flush you getting action you dont want anymore flush cards to come. If board pairs at the end I guarantee its going check/check/check by all three. He got max value the way he played it. Slow playing is not always good idea.

    2. Rami K.

      @sh0cktim3 even if a scare card hits and you get shoved on, would you really fold the nuts on the turn there in a cash game? its likely he does the same and shoves if he misses his draw at that point.

    3. Rami K.

      @Ad Rock come to vegas and play with me. you can see how broke i really am bud

    4. sh0cktim3

      Nope sometimes you gotta get money in before scare cards hit. Sets are gonna have a hard time folding. If a club or board pairing card hits the river he aint making no more money.

    5. Ad Rock

      Rami you are a moron. Broke ass fish.

  53. Paul Quaife

    Poker players : The poker stars hands are sooo loaded

    Live at bike : fold my floppage

  54. James Primavesi

    That’s the kind of speed poker should be played at

  55. speedjesus100

    Grattis 😊

  56. Magal Horesh

    Is there a televised hand that 3 players flop a SET?

    1. Tony Martin

      Idk about TV but I dealt 3 guys a set before… Couple years ago in a cash game… All 3 players sitting in a row too, seats 2 3 & 4… Brutal lol

    2. A Avesta

      It happened on live at the bike but it was on the turn that 3 people had sets

  57. Steve 71

    If I was Ju with the nut flush ummm you CHECK or just call the action. A on the turn just CALL dude you have that girl hooked. He could have made so much more

    1. zgge789

      not really, everyone knows SB had small flush, and whats the odds of flush over F over F? In Jus position, ken seemed to have a set drawing full house.

  58. L CM


  59. Joao Batista

    Cash game?

  60. Mad Trapper

    Nice hand thanks for posting.
    Side note: Too long of a lead in, too long of an exit !

  61. Bij Man

    Ken came running to loose all the chips….You never know which hand will make you or break you in Poker.

  62. Nav Kamal

    keep the suspense one time instead of giving away the loot in thumbnail… jebusss

  63. Furrball McDuff

    Around 2015 with the free wsop app it happened once every dozen hands, especially in hearts, it was fun. And yeah, I think there were pre-coded action flops, but it was fake money anyway…

  64. Ryan Theis

    Live at the bike it’s 2019 get a better quality camera lmao

    1. Tony Martin

      Go Blue!!

  65. StickyRice1

    Aye let me cast one time, I promise it would be super lit. When this flop game I was hype as fuck…. but I’m prob to immature to cast haha . Would just be to much energy and comedy . It’s to professional in the booth over there maybe a mix of both :O I just don’t understand how this caster is so dead inside when this flop came. Only offering constructive criticism, don’t kick me from playing on the show <3

  66. Unbleachd


  67. Leon

    Ive had this and came last in showdown.

  68. Eric Petersen


  69. Dremin2009

    In Natalias spot on the turn I dont think I would have called the $2000, I think its just too likely someone else has a better flush than you at that point. Maybe its incorrect but with both Ken and Ju having put in a lot of money youd expect to face a tough call on the river also.

    1. sh0cktim3

      Its a tough fold. She could still hit the miracle 5 of clubs.

    2. Dremin2009

      @Grigorii Andreev Why do you say that ?

    3. Grigorii Andreev

      LOL, YOU already will be allin on the flop, in that spot

  70. Zain Syed

    Standard poker stars hands and flop

  71. Dane W.

    poker is so disrespectful sometimes

  72. Christopher Wooten

    They should have run it 4 times so Ken would have a better chance.

  73. FishBurger

    Natalia was so out of line calling the turn bet.

  74. Clark Potter

    Common for a Zynga poker deal.

  75. Sergio _

    That’s insane. Ken is my favorite player on the show

  76. QT8270


  77. B S

    I ruv win I get frushes

  78. Endri Angjellari

    Give me a hand like this to go 2 months vication lol

    1. Ikyy Gaming


  79. John Benton

    Any time you flop a flush does not mean you automatically have the winner,It is to easy for the person next to you to have flopped a higher flush.So proceed cautiously or you will go broke.

  80. Orlando Young

    Wow whats the odds of that

  81. Edgar Flores

    What are the chances of three hands with the same suit as the flop?

    1. Tony Martin

      1 in 1.2M

  82. woncho1

    Poor ken, even the worst hand before the flop had a better chance the win after the flop!

  83. lafkdjay

    Where is 5 of club?

  84. Michael Seago

    That is the easiest fold on the turn ever for Natalia

    1. john smith

      Michael Seago yeah flop action is super strong.

      Check raise from Ken, she calls then Ju 3 bets and Ken calls that. It’s hard to believe Ken and Ju are both doing that with sets on an all clubs board.

    2. Michael Seago

      The initial 2k. That line from Ken screams strength . Even on flop after 3b/call I I would snap fold unless it’s a super shallow game

  85. Marcus Suds

    Three players flopping a flush is a very rare statistical probability. Too bad the commentators didn’t mention the significance of it.

    1. Marcus Suds

      Actually he did mention of it at the end but in a very low-energy kind of way

  86. K. O.

    Why would Ju shove turn with the stone cold?!?!

    1. sh0cktim3

      To get max money from other flushes and sets that wont fold on turn. If another club hits the river or board pairs he aint making no more money. Dont like educating potential opponents, but there you go.

  87. Jesse Binkman

    Runs it twice for double tap.

  88. Tom K

    Natalia cant even shuffle chips lol

    1. Dawn Marie

      I know, it was driving me nuts watching lol

    2. Tom K

      And her hand flat over her cards to protect them isnt good either

  89. jack gao

    this happen to me as well. When I was holding K9 C

  90. Brian Cook

    Did you guys post the hand where Nick stacked Destin?

    1. Brian Cook

      @Kieran Schwar I like him and Nick. It had to be an interesting hand. I regret missing it.

    2. Oscar Perez

      Destin getting stacked?!? Sign me up

    3. Kieran Schwar

      Brian Cook no this I would love to see! See how he acts once he gets done lol, he’s got a big mouth so it would be funny… still like him tho 👍🏻

  91. zgge789

    Since there is no other club KTQ, what suited connector hand can HJ have? J9 or AX? If Ken can think for a while for this hand, K-flush is foldable.

    1. Raisemaniac

      Exactly on the turn raise it is like j9, j8 vs 6 combos of a flush and there is no proto that he would raise j high flush and turn A pair with fd to bluff it is hars

  92. Brock Page Productions

    Thanks a lot

  93. costy varga

    Hand like this i saw at Omaha online Cash Game on PokerStars !!!

  94. nepiris

    Gave up online poker many years ago after i flopped the nut flush in 2 tourneys in a row, got it all in on the flop, amazingly, both times. 1st time the guy had top pair and hit runner runner full house, 2nd the guy had BOTTOM pair and hit runner runner full house.

  95. Manjesh Mahadevappa

    It would have been even more interesting if river was a 5 of clubs 🙂

  96. Don J.

    Well that was a pretty boring hand.

  97. oriondx72

    wow never seen that happen.

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